A new fixing tank is offered to all photographers that work with wet collodion process.

This new product is the response at the demand of many photographers that consider this kind of tanks an important item to protect yourself from toxic vapors that emit the fixing bath, especially if you work on a regular basis with it. At the same time this is a good way to keep the bath clean if you work on the field.

2013-12-09 15.58.04_petita

Small tank

The design is made with a special water resistant wooden tank and strong plexiglas window in one of it faces. More info HERE

We hope you consider it helpful in the practice of this procedure.

We take this opportunity to remind you that from Wetplatewagon we are always open to hear your proposals, needs and critical opinions in order to improve our products and services, so don’t doubt to contact us to share your experiences and technical problems.

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