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Our clients and early photographic community.

Wetplatewagon is a brand based in Barcelona that was created with the intention to assist photographers who work with early photographic techniques, as well as collectors and institutions who custody original photographic equipments related to these process.

We are committed to promote the nineteenth century photographic practices providing tools and services to work with them at the twenty first century. For that reason we are offering conservation and restoration services for antique photographic equipments as well as providing new tools intended to work with these photographic process.


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For sale:

. Folding camera, suitable for plates 18 x 24 cm.: SOLD Tropical wood varnished in red tone, with brass fittings, black bellow in very good condition, Doppel – Anastigmat (F: 4,5 / 180mm) lens, iris stop, focusing screen back. 1 double plate holder. (the holder... read more