Cámara Watson and Sons

The Portable darkrooms PM1 are suitable to work with plates up to 10″ x 12″.

These portable darkrooms are made with strong flight-case of wood and aluminium. They are very light to carry thanks at two wheels outside box. You will need less than a 4 minutes to mount and dismount them thanks to an optimized design in the internal foldable structure. The blue tent is very resistant thanks to a great quality fabric, totally light proof, fire, and wear.

The work table of 37 x 85 cm (plus an auxiliar space down) provides a comfortable space to move buckets and holders inside. It is very easy to adapt your own silver bath tank through a hole enabled on the top table.

The foldable black legs are the usual stand for electronic pianos. These legs can be purchased as an optional complement if you can’t find by your own.


Información técnica

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Información de compra

  • Precio: 1.150 eur* 
  • Envío: Worldwide
  • Pago: PayPal or bank account


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